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Where do I start talking about Leah’s custom alternative wedding gown? When Leah called me, and told me that her prayers were answered when our girl Natalie of NSP Studio referred us, I was extremely touched! Leah already knew she wanted a black and white wedding dress for her Halloween wedding, but was underwhelmed with […]

Leah’s Custom Alternative Wedding Gown

Custom Wedding Dresses


Meet Kassie Kassie‘s lace bell sleeve wedding dress reconstruction is a true transformation story and one of our favorites. Kassie’s a local home beauty pro & style influencer that works in the salon inside the Hotel Lafayette. Try saying that ten times fast! We’ve known each other for years because we’re work neighbors. When she […]

Kassie’s Lace Bell Sleeve Wedding Dress Transformation

Vintage Wedding Dress Reconstructions


Jordan first reached out to me for her long sleeve lace wedding gown while living in New Jersey. She absolutely loved the idea of having a custom dress, and like most of our brides, knew what she wanted. I think that’s most of the reason she came to work with me, as she couldn’t find exactly what […]

Jordan’s Handmade Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Gown

Custom Wedding Dresses


Ella’s gold custom wedding gown was memorable for multiple reasons. One, because she’s a very special person. She has a unique blend of style. Ella’s mixture of compassion and toughness make her a strong young woman. Two, because while in college, she interned for me and played rugby. She did this all while working on […]

Ella’s Memorable Gold Custom Silk Wedding Gown

Custom Wedding Dresses


Cate brought in her vintage boat neck wedding dress for a reconstruction project. She came to us to reimagine parts of her heirloom dress. Like any other bride, there were parts she liked and some she didn’t. Surprisingly, the dress fit her very well and only needed a few minor fit updates. The bulk of the […]

Cate’s Vintage Boat Neck Wedding Dress Reconstruction

Vintage Wedding Dress Reconstructions


Colleen’s dramatic vintage lace heirloom dress reconstruction was a project from the heart. When she reached out to me, I was ecstatic to hear from her! We go WAY back! We’re childhood friends since grade school and stayed in touch after I moved. I always loved Colleen’s presence, her positive attitude and happy demeanor are […]

Colleen’s Dramatic Vintage Lace Heirloom Dress Reconstruction

Vintage Wedding Dress Reconstructions


Cristina’s satin wedding gown reconstruction turned out gorgeous for the Ugly Duck owner! Avid coffee lovers may have heard of the shop she co-owns with her hubby in Rochester, NY, where they reside with their two kiddos. Cris brought in a vintage dress belonging to her aunt, and knew exactly what she wanted to do […]

Cristina’s Satin Reconstruction Wedding Gown

Vintage Wedding Dress Reconstructions


Brooke’s custom long sleeve lace wedding dress was a creative venture. She’s the kind of woman that’s a dream to work with because she’s creative in her own right. Beautiful Brooke, with her bright pink hair, is a trained hairstylist. She knew exactly what she wanted. She came to us with a clear direction on the silhouette and […]

Brooke’s Custom Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

Custom Wedding Dresses


Andrea’s custom overlay lace beach dress was a very special creation for us. Her sister, local photographer and inspiring female business coach, Jenn Ayres is a friend. When Andrea reached out to us and told us her love story, we couldn’t wait to get started! The bride was marrying her longtime partner, after having a couple […]

Andrea’s Custom Overlay Lace Beach Dress

Custom Wedding Dresses


This custom feminine edgy wedding dress represents our bride Erin perfectly. When we heard one of our closest photographer buddies was tying the knot, we KNEW we had to work with his fiance! She came to us as a self-described “non-girly-girl,” who wasn’t sure what she wanted in a wedding dress. The one thing she […]

Erin’s Custom Feminine Edgy Wedding Dress

Custom Wedding Dresses


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