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Leah’s Custom Alternative Wedding Gown

Made by Anatomy custom lace alternative wedding gown for Leah.

Where do I start talking about Leah’s custom alternative wedding gown? When Leah called me, and told me that her prayers were answered when our girl Natalie of NSP Studio referred us, I was extremely touched! Leah already knew she wanted a black and white wedding dress for her Halloween wedding, but was underwhelmed with the assortment of dresses she was finding. Black and white?! You had me at hello, Leah. 

We needed to design the perfect wedding gown for her Halloween nuptials

This babe is so kind, fun and spicy! I had SO much fun designing her dress. The process started as it always does, Leah shared some of her likes and dislikes. I knew the silhouette and overall vibe she was going for, but there was still a lot of possibility to narrow down in terms of fabric and details. When I found the black laces that we ended up using for the dress, I sent her the photos to see what she thought. Bingo! Hit the nail right on the head because she literally died when she saw them, they excited her so much I knew we were on the right track. From there, I dove into the designing and sketching of the dress. 

Combining laces is always fun but time consuming

When she approved the design, we got started! The process for a dress combining a variety of laces is extremely time consuming. Next, we did a canvas fitting for the overall fit and shape of the dress. After, we cut the dress layers and interlayers out to begin mapping out the lace pattern. Some of the lace was stitched into the dress as it was put together — this helps ease alterations throughout the process. The rest of the lace was treated as applique. 

We used organza for the dress skirt and illusion netting for the bodice and sleeves. The fun part about working together on a custom wedding dress is the evolution of the design! Throughout the process, Leah was able to move lace around and see how it looked, so she felt comfortable in her dress! We even made a custom fabulous piece for her mom!

It all came together

My favorite part of this custom alternative wedding gown is the train. I am obsessed with the angles and points and how they contrast against the organic floral pieces. I just love how it all came out. We had to finish it off with a custom applique veil, obviously! 

Photos courtesy: NSP Studio

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