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Ella’s Memorable Gold Custom Silk Wedding Gown

Made by Anatomy custom gold silk wedding gown for Ella.

Ella’s gold custom wedding gown was memorable for multiple reasons. One, because she’s a very special person. She has a unique blend of style. Ella’s mixture of compassion and toughness make her a strong young woman. Two, because while in college, she interned for me and played rugby. She did this all while working on a degree in early childhood education.

During her childhood, Ella’s mother passed away. It was imperative to include her on the special day. The bride brought a few elements from her mother’s dress we decided to turn into a shawl, so she could wear it throughout the day. We wanted it to feel like a hug from her mother.

She was fairly open to most of my design decisions, and liked the idea of having some kind of metallic involvement in the dress. When I showed her the ivory silk fabric with gold painted throughout, she fell in love. We all absolutely fell in love!

In terms of the styling her silhouette, Ella knew she wanted a timeless dress that was strapless with a flared skirt. She also knew she wanted to create the illusion of a corset, which I created with seaming details in the bodice.

The silk gazar fabric I used is one that speaks for itself. It’s absolutely stunning, looks elegant, and holds its shape. I layered a full circle, English net skirt on the bottom half of the dress, separated by a modern bauble style belt.

If I could make this custom silk wedding gown over, again and again, I absolutely would. Ella looked completely gorgeous on her wedding day as a movie star.

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