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Cate’s Vintage Boat Neck Wedding Dress Reconstruction

Made by Anatomy vintage boat neck dress reconstruction for Catherine.

Cate brought in her vintage boat neck wedding dress for a reconstruction project. She came to us to reimagine parts of her heirloom dress. Like any other bride, there were parts she liked and some she didn’t.

Surprisingly, the dress fit her very well and only needed a few minor fit updates. The bulk of the work was reworking the aesthetic. We opened up the neckline to be a true boat neck but kept the illusion look at the yoke with floating lace appliqué.

First, we traded in the long sleeves for cap sleeves. Then, we added buttons all the way down the back. It tied in all of the features of the dress beautifully.

Next, as previously stated, we transformed the neckline into a boat neck design, the bride requested. Often with reconstructed dresses made with lace, we take the lace from other parts of the dress and put them where we find it most useful, which is what we did.

Cate used her family’s heirloom veil and a beautiful headband to complete the look for her vintage wedding gown.

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