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NSP Studio owner Natalie Sinisgalli is a great friend, and I know I say this about every dress I make, but making her custom wedding dress was special. I guess that means I’m super fucking lucky that I get to have so many incredible experiences through my job. But this custom geometric wedding dress was […]

Natalie Sinisgalli’s Custom Geometric Floral Wedding Dress

Custom Wedding Dresses


Katie and Ali have known each other for quite some time. We both started our businesses around the same time and have been active in our circle community of friends and other local businesses. We’ve even worked on a few projects together here and there. When Katie came to me with the news that she […]

Katie’s Custom Soft Purple Lace Wedding Dress

Custom Wedding Dresses


Where do I start talking about Leah’s custom alternative wedding gown? When Leah called me, and told me that her prayers were answered when our girl Natalie of NSP Studio referred us, I was extremely touched! Leah already knew she wanted a black and white wedding dress for her Halloween wedding, but was underwhelmed with […]

Leah’s Custom Alternative Wedding Gown

Custom Wedding Dresses


Ella’s gold custom wedding gown was memorable for multiple reasons. One, because she’s a very special person. She has a unique blend of style. Ella’s mixture of compassion and toughness make her a strong young woman. Two, because while in college, she interned for me and played rugby. She did this all while working on […]

Ella’s Memorable Gold Custom Silk Wedding Gown

Custom Wedding Dresses


Brooke’s custom long sleeve lace wedding dress was a creative venture. She’s the kind of woman that’s a dream to work with because she’s creative in her own right. Beautiful Brooke, with her bright pink hair, is a trained hairstylist. She knew exactly what she wanted. She came to us with a clear direction on the silhouette and […]

Brooke’s Custom Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

Custom Wedding Dresses


Andrea’s custom overlay lace beach dress was a very special creation for us. Her sister, local photographer and inspiring female business coach, Jenn Ayres is a friend. When Andrea reached out to us and told us her love story, we couldn’t wait to get started! The bride was marrying her longtime partner, after having a couple […]

Andrea’s Custom Overlay Lace Beach Dress

Custom Wedding Dresses


This custom feminine edgy wedding dress represents our bride Erin perfectly. When we heard one of our closest photographer buddies was tying the knot, we KNEW we had to work with his fiance! She came to us as a self-described “non-girly-girl,” who wasn’t sure what she wanted in a wedding dress. The one thing she […]

Erin’s Custom Feminine Edgy Wedding Dress

Custom Wedding Dresses


Ashley’s delicate custom lace wedding top is everything! Ashley was a very last minute emergency sort of client. This poor woman found a dress she really liked at another bridal salon but dreamed of a two-piece look. Throughout the process of turning the dress into a two-piece outfit, things started to go awry. With three weeks until the […]

Ashley’s Delicate Custom Lace Wedding Top

Custom Wedding Dresses


Ashley’s custom bodysuit wedding dress is a stunner. She’s is one of those women you instantly fall in love with when you meet her. She’s kind and a ray of sunshine to anyone that meets her. Our bride wanted a classic but very sexy dress. She knew every inch of her body and felt comfortable in […]

Ashley’s Custom Bodysuit Wedding Dress

Custom Wedding Dresses


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