Creating Spring (in the slush)

When we were able to drive into the city on Tuesday morning we were slightly surprised to still see side streets unplowed and taxis and cars left abandoned. I mean, seriously NYC!?


One of the things that makes anatomy so special is that the clothing is all designed right here in Buffalo in our store! You can see us working on everything as you shop!! We make the patterns and create the “tech packs” (a fancy term meaning the instruction booklet, or the blue prints for a garment) in the shop and bring everything with us to NYC to our factory. Below is Jeff as he works on a pattern for Spring 2011…

L1010974 L1010978

It gets pretty messy. Don’t worry – I’m a recycling fanatic ; )


So we started first by swatching possible fabrications for Spring. We were looking for airy and breezy colors and lots of florals. Emphasis on the word LOTS! You might feel the need to grow your very own garden after you come into the store in April… I’m just saying!

Another spoiler: we’re finally going to be able to use a ton of vintage fabric I’ve been collecting for years!!! So we were looking to combine them with some more fabrics. Jeff proved to be an asset on this trip (aside from his brute strength) : )


Have you ever seen so many bolts of knit jersey?!

So after our swatchaganza, we spent the rest of the time in the factory with Simon (the owner and production director) going over the details for each garment, as well as getting the finishing touches like buttons and trims.  We also previewed the second delivery for winter… coming in a couple of weeks!!!

So we were able to do a little shoppi…. er, market research…! in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. Since we lost a couple of days stuck in Jersey we couldn’t get around much else this trip : /


Stay tuned for a few big things to come in the next couple weeks: web store launch!!!

Fall/Winter Delivery 2 sets!!!

Cheers! – Ali