Brides World, Jan 9th 2011


Anatomy participated in our first trade show this past weekend, Brides World! It was at the convention center on Sunday and boy was it fun!! We met so many new people and some old friends were there as well!!


Here’s our little booth!! I really wanted to bring as much of the store to the show as I could to give the brides-to-be an idea of what our esthetic is as well as a glimpse into the process of getting a made to measure dress from us!



We displayed a few of our favorite silhouettes in all black to show the versatility, and utter fabulousness of dressing your bridal party with anatomy! Those are definitely dresses that any bridesmaid will want to wear again and again.  Of course we aren’t forgetting the mothers of the brides and grooms! Choosing an anatomy silhouette to have made to measure is a perfect solution to the seemingly endless search for a suitable and flattering dress that displays your individuality and personality (without aging you 15 years!).

Our special occasion collection of made to measure dresses is perfect for dressing yourself for any event. You’d be surprised how different the same dress looks in different fabrications! And lucky for you, I keep the pattern on file to have available for your next event!

Thanks to everyone who helped out and came to see us! Hope to see you soon : ) – Cheers, Ali