An untraditionally traditional California wedding

With all of this wedding buzz in the air (no I’m not getting married – Oy vey, right?!) I wanted to share these pictures from the wedding of a very good friend of mine.

kit jacob and kids_1

Kit and I met at FIT and actually lived together for the last year at school. She is one of the most creative and beautiful people I know. She is a perfect example of an artist who knows herself and stays true to her own style regardless of what people might say. I’ve always admired her for that. Even when I totally teased her “diaper pants” relentlessly (picture low rise denim shorts with all the fullness gathered into the cuffs, something like Shakespeare meets Levi’s) which believe it or not actually showed up in stores a year later.

Kit met Jacob when she moved back to San Diego to open her own boutique. is the website for their seriously too cute brand of girls clothing. She made all of the bridal party dresses! I just love how she used such bright colors and unique silhouettes that really flattered all of the women!

Kit & Jacob 388_0

She had two sari changes and look, just LOOK at that henna!!!!

kit and grooms family_1 kit henna_0

What an inspirational and beautiful combination of cultures. We are so happy for you Kit and Jacob!

kit and jacob_0

You look too beautiful for words, Cheers – Ali