Spending Spring snowed in!!

So yesterday Jeff, Jessica (a friend who tagged along for the ride) and myself headed east to begin Spring production in NYC. Yea, yea I knew that there was some rough weather ahead… but hey, we’re from Buffalo. There’s no amount of snow that a skilled Buffalo driver can’t handle!

snowed in_0

When we hit Scranton the snow started coming, and by New Jersey we were straight up crawling on the 80. As we were approaching exit 43 I was so blind sighted that I pretty much drove my little Yaris into a snowbank. We were officially stuck.

Luckily we were traveling with our fearless intern, Jeff!

jeff snow_0

He dug the car out and pushed her back onto the road!!! (Total photo-op, sorry love we couldn’t resist)

So I made the executive decision to head to Bayonne to wait out the storm. We’re hoping that we can get into the city by tomorrow morning. It’s nice that other parts of the country can feel our pain, eh?!

Pictures of the trip to follow!