Two newcomers!

The anatomy team is constantly growing to include various other talented individuals across this great city of ours! Two of our most recent additions are Lorri Carnevale and Amy Hartman!

Lorri is a knitting genius. She creates her own patterns and whips em up! She is known for creating these uniquely shaped felted handbags. She hand knits them and then devotes weeks to shaping and felting the fuzzy little handbags.


Amy Hartman is an elementary school art teacher who shares my flair for all that is vintage and antique! Many of you may remember her award winning Talking Leaves “book page” dress at last years’ Mass Appeal! She is creative in more ways that I can count and I’m so jazzed to have her edge in the shop. She’s brought in the cutest retro wall hangings!!


Using old Bingo cards and paper doll cut-out’s as well as pattern pages from the 70’s you can adorn your wall with retro lovin.


Find them all anatomy on Elmwood! Taker easy!! Ali