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Drawers and Knobs

One of the easiest ways to give your room a face lift is to change one piece within your space. Today, chose your dresser. Other than your bed it’s likely the largest piece in your room – it should be a statement!!


As pretty effing AHmazing as this is… I can see how it might not work in everyone’s room…

You could simply and discretely update the interior


If that’s not enough for you and you want a little more distinction amongst the rest….

deer knob_0flower knob_0

Drawer knobs are soooooo cute and you can find the Mecca here, if you aren’t the riffling-through-dusty-boxes type.

Of course you could always come to anatomy and check out our beautifully inspiring home furnishings 🙂


Happy DIY! – Ali

Ali’s fave junk yards:


Gothic City Antiques

Orchard Park Antique Mall

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