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Emily’s heirloom wedding dress reconstruction was really special. Let me start from the beginning. I’ve known Emily for a while. We met through another friend when Emily was working at Roswell Cancer Institute at the time. We worked on a little fashion show fundraiser together and she was lovely. From then on, we stayed connected. […]

Emily’s Heirloom Wedding Dress Reconstruction Journey

Vintage Wedding Dress Reconstructions


Cate brought in her vintage boat neck wedding dress for a reconstruction project. She came to us to reimagine parts of her heirloom dress. Like any other bride, there were parts she liked and some she didn’t. Surprisingly, the dress fit her very well and only needed a few minor fit updates. The bulk of the […]

Cate’s Vintage Boat Neck Wedding Dress Reconstruction

Vintage Wedding Dress Reconstructions


Colleen’s dramatic vintage lace heirloom dress reconstruction was a project from the heart. When she reached out to me, I was ecstatic to hear from her! We go WAY back! We’re childhood friends since grade school and stayed in touch after I moved. I always loved Colleen’s presence, her positive attitude and happy demeanor are […]

Colleen’s Dramatic Vintage Lace Heirloom Dress Reconstruction

Vintage Wedding Dress Reconstructions


Amanda’s vintage lace reconstruction wedding dress came from her desire to wear her mother’s dress from day one. She came to us with the original dress and a vision of the silhouette of what she wanted. Check out the updates we made below! The dress was already in great shape, it was just a little outdated. Despite […]

Amanda’s Vintage Lace Reconstruction Wedding Dress

Vintage Wedding Dress Reconstructions


Caitlin’s vintage lace wedding gown reconstruction is a true example of just what can be done with an antique, heirloom gown. Caitlin’s grandmother was a very special person to her, so it was extra-special that she was able to wear her grandmother’s wedding dress. Check out the updates we made below! Based on the original […]

Caitlin’s Vintage Lace Wedding Gown Reconstruction

Vintage Wedding Dress Reconstructions


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