Mass Appeal 2010

The Mass Appeal Fashion Phenomenon was this Friday, and it was fabulous! It was anatomy’s first time walking the runway, but the Elmwood Village Association has been putting this event on for three years now, and it shows. Everything was so perfect, from start to finish.

Disclaimer: I’m about as novice as they come in the world of fashion, so this whole “backstage at a fashion show” thing was more than a little exciting. Squealing with delight is not the coolest look for a wanna-be fashionista, so I mainly hovered in a corner trying to give off my best “whatever, nothing impresses me” vibe. I think I was mildly successful, although I was definitely in the way for most of the night. I did manage to snap some great candid pictures of all the hustle and bustle, though.







That’s me and Ali backstage, while the girls were getting their still shots taken by Nate Benson ( for those). We’re both donning anatomy made-to-measure looks. Having a skirt made to fit my tiny frame (seriously, I’m the only 25-year-old I know who can shop in the children’s section) was such a fabulous experience. I highly recommend it. But I’m biased, I suppose.

When the girls finally took the runway, Ali and I just about passed out. For real.


If you didn’t attend this year, keep it on your horizon for 2011. The arts community is so unique and vibrant in Buffalo, and getting more so all the time. It’s events like this that showcase all the talent in this city. We can’t wait until next year!