For the Wino

This great gift idea comes from Jeff Todd, intern extraordinaire. I visited anatomy this morning in hot pursuit of the the most stressful sort of gift: the secret santa present for the one person in the office you know the least about. I hate it when that happens. What to do?

Aha! Take one handmade lippenscott soap co. “bottle of wine” soap + one wine bottle cork glass charm + one bottle of wine, and you have THE cutest, most multi-purpose gift ever.


The recipient of this gift can keep the luxurious soap for herself or place it in a guest bathroom. She can serve the wine at a dinner party or have a joyful toast to herself for making it through the holidays. Whatever suits her fancy! And it’s themed. I find that a strong theme is the backbone of a good gift. It screams thoughtfulness. Jeff, you’re a gifting genius.


Wino shmino,