For the baking-impaired pot-luckers

Who doesn’t love a homey, cozy pot-luck? Pot-lucks, like all things retro have come sweeping back into the young, city dweller lifestyle. When I was in college it seemed as if all of my friends were scheduling pot lucks around the clock as a way to get together without spending a lot of cash. It’s always customary to bring along a beverage when invited to a culinary swap meet soirée, but now that the holidays are here, the Rachel Rae’s and the Giada de Laurentiis’ seem to have kicked it into over-drive.  For those of us who can’t bake a thing without setting off the fire alarms – we have the solution! Keep the baking pans in that dark corner of the cabinet with the hand held electric mixer and bowls and bring something that will smell like creme brûlée is being served and will last throughout the winter : )

Yonder Star Candles are by far the most supreme quality candles I’ve yet to try. And for the price? Selling from 18-22 dollars we’re practically giving these delectables away.


Williamsburg Orange Spice Cake, Sugar Cookie, Peppermint Patty, Frosted Carrot Cake, Blueberry Crumb Pie..!! These candles are the perfect substitute for the non-baker in all of us.

Sniff away –