For the “Oh, wow… Gee… thanks…?!” gift recipient

I’m quite a picky person. You may not believe it… but I am incredibly difficult to shop for. With that being said, there are some gifts… that should never be given.

Like a handheld device called “The Body Fat Manager,” from a boyfriend. Or a purse that looks like JoAnn Fabrics, ACMoore, and Michaels got into a bloody war and the carnage was left on baby blue corduroy. Or really anything from a thrift store – no matter how much you personally shop there….

So to avoid the awkward hesitated “Thanks, you shouldn’t have.  Really. No, really,” let her chose something from her favorite new store.


They can be made in any denomination and are JUST as lovely as an orthopedic pillow. Trust me.  I’m a girl.

Gift well !