The Anatomy Brand

    When Ali set out to create her own bespoke clothing line in Buffalo, she knew it needed to be timeless and beautiful, as these pieces are meant to be cherished and adored in a time when fast-fashion is at its peak. Made-to-measure garments are like couture in that they are handmade from scratch, with attention paid to the details, fabrications and fit.

    The anatomy bridal line is contemporary, while nostalgic in silhouette. Using the best quality natural fibers and most beautiful laces, the designs are simplistic in their effortless beauty. The clean and deliberate lines created from the modern shapes suit a woman who is seeking a beautifully constructed and artfully designed piece that allows her to shine through, while the air of vintage inspiration still lingers throughout the garment.

    Working one on one with so many clients over the years, Ali has a thorough comprehension of what sensible brides want on their wedding day. Additionally, each garment in the collection can be customized to suit each individual bride’s desires. From color to length and neckline—the client is always at the forefront of our process.

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    The Anatomy Custom Design Experience

    The client is at the forefront of the custom design process, meaning each design is created specifically for a particular woman. Each client voices her desires, likes and dislikes, and Ali creates designs just for them, taking into account their body types, personalities and expectations. Through a sketch review accompanied by swatches of potential fabrics and trims, each client can pick and choose her heart’s desire, ensuring that her wedding dress is truly one of a kind.

    Each garment is constructed with the highest quality materials and techniques. In the course of several fittings, each bride sees her vision through Ali’s designs coming to life splendidly. Each garment has a corseted support built into the dress, so there is no need for searching for the perfect undergarment. The dress holds itself up perfectly around your body so you can only feel the joy of how beautiful you will look on your wedding day.

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The Process


    Where we meet for the first time to discuss your heart’s desire for the wedding dress of your dreams. This will take approximately one hour, and we suggest you come prepared with ideas, tear sheets, pinterest boards and any other garments you are considering utilizing (if you are restoring a dress). We will talk about what you love as well as what you don’t, colors, fabrics, fit and any other details that go along with your dress. Once Ali has all of the information needed, she will execute sketches for you
    for the next step.

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    Sketch Review

    This will happen approximately 2 weeks after the consultation. You will meet again to review the designs Ali has created and give feedback, if any. In-house swatches and images of fabrics from on-line will be presented to guide you along the way, until you commit to a design. At that point, a deeper investigation into fabrics and trims is conducted. Once you have approved a design, the contract and deposit are handed in and your measurements are taken. The deposit is 50% of the total of the dress, minus fabrics, and is non-refundable. The cost of fabrics is added once determined. The remainder of the balance is split up into three payments to be paid throughout the fitting process.

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    You can anticipate 3-5 fittings for your custom garment, but sometimes more are required. Our last fitting will be about 4-5 weeks prior to your special occasion date. Your garment can be kept at our showroom until the week of your wedding, at which time it may be picked up or delivered.

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    Due to the nature of made-to-measure garments there are no returns. Each garment is priced according to labor and cannot be sold to another bride considering it has been fit specifically to you. If in the event the occasion is postponed, anatomy can halt the process until further notice. In the event the event is cancelled, anatomy cannot refund any money that has been paid for the time spent in the construction process, but we can certainly discuss alternate options for the garment. Deposits are non-refundable.

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