Do I need an appointment to try on dresses and discuss a custom wedding dress?

Yes, appointments are needed so that you receive the care and attention you should have! We are open throughout the week for unassisted browsing of the collection, as well as the array of accessories and hair pieces we offer, but to try on dresses or discuss a custom order, heirloom restoration or alteration you will need to call or e-mail to book an appointment.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open by appointment only.

Please be advised that there is a two-week waiting period to book appointments. We also advise that you browse our collection on-line prior to coming in, and arrive a few minutes early to look through the pieces on your own.

Can I buy any garments off the rack at anatomy?

Unfortunately no; we have only samples on display in our showroom as all of our garments are made-to-measure.

Can anatomy recreate my mother’s/grandmother’s’ wedding dress?

Yes we can! We love restoring heirloom wedding gowns and have done everything from simple tweaks to full on garment reconstruction. The process is the same as for a custom garment—you will need an appointment where you bring the dress with you and we try it on while discussing what your vision for the gown is. After the initial appointment, Ali will have a comprehensive review of the garment’s condition and capabilities in terms of being executed to the desired vision. You will then be presented with sketches if needed, and a list of the steps needed to make your family lineage a part of your wedding day!

Can I use pieces from my heirloom wedding dress in my custom dress?

Absolutely! Be sure to bring the garment with you for our consultation. Fabrics and/or embellishments from your family garment can be used for a dress, accessory or just about anything!

How much do custom designed wedding gowns cost?

The base price for a custom designed wedding gown is $2,650. For more elaborate and intricate designs the price will increase accordingly. Pricing is determined based on the hours of labor needed to execute any custom order, through patterning, sewing, cutting, fitting, etc. Fabrics, findings and tax are not included in the total. Every dress is unique and special and in the consultation process you are provided with a cost range you can expect for fabrications and findings. All pricing information is presented prior to any commitment and signed off upon by the client. anatomy will never change or adjust the price without notifying the client along with a revised contract.

Are there charges for changing designs from the anatomy line?

Yes, and each change is unique and special to the bride. Those charges are estimated and added to the total prior to committing.

How much do restorations cost?

The base price for any vintage garment restoration or reconstruction is $500. If you are in need of simple alterations that do not include creating new pattern pieces, intricate lace and embellishment work or any other large scale change (whether for fit or aesthetics), you can call to set up an appointment for a consultation. If new or additional fabrics and findings are needed they can be added to the total at anytime.

What if I live outside of Buffalo, NY?

At this time we are not currently set up to accommodate custom orders unless you are available to travel to Buffalo for fittings. We are, however, set up to fulfill orders from our anatomy line to anyone outside of Buffalo, including overseas. You can still make adjustments to the designs to suit your style, and there will be a slight margin of error in regards to fit due to the different interpretations of measuring one’s self! If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to ask us! To order on-line please visit our Etsy shop.

How do I know what size I should order for my anatomy wedding dress on-line?

You can send us accurate measurements by finding a tailor locally who can help you out, or you can follow this step by step video we created for you!

Where can I see additional images of your work and collection?

By visiting our gallery and look book you can view each garment in more detail. Our blog also has in-depth descriptions and photos of the process for each gown we create.

Do you create custom veils and head pieces?

We offer a line of plain edge veils that can be customized. Refer to our veil section to review prices and lengths. We also offer an array of creative and beautiful handmade head pieces from a variety of artisans inside our showroom. You can visit the showroom during our open hours to browse, but if you’d like to discuss a custom veil order please call, or e-mail to make an appointment.