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Things I’m obsessed with. Part 1.

I’d like to begin a new thread in which I share things that I simply cannot get enough of. Each post I’ll focus on one thing that I’m kind of obsessed with. And I welcome additions to the list 😉

First up: Tea Cups.

I am utterly OBSESSED with all of the amazing things one can achieve with the help of some antique tea cups. I mean, they’re super cute all on their own. I’ve been building my personal collection of one-of-a-kind tea cups for some time now. Really… how cute would a round little white table be set with all different plates/saucers/tea cups…?! I know!


That’s my idea of entertaining…

In addition to entertaining – you can take gift giving to the next level with these:

tea cup candles_1

tea cup bracelets_0

YES those are bangles made out of tea cups!!! And the candle scent is Strawberry Kiwi. Yumm. Both available at anatomy!

teacuplights_0_0teacup chandelier_0

So, what do you say? Spot of tea anyone? Or a chandelier…

Any other brilliant ideas for using antique tea cups?? Cheerio! Ali

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