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The Best Undergarments for Brides

Are you in search of the best undergarments for brides? Allow us to help you in your search! After working with brides for over 10 years, we have seen it all. Trust me when I say – we’ve seen it all! So we won’t bat an eye at any contraption that’s en vogue as long as it’s comfortable and effective.

All that to say, we don’t encourage our brides here at made by anatomy to wear shapewear, cups, bras or anything. We work one-on-one with our brides to make sure they feel confident and comfortable. That being said, we often times have to work around, incorporate or even alter undergarments to make them work with the wedding dress.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best undergarments for brides based on my professional experience and polls of past brides! Here’s how things shake out, brand by brand. Remember – you have to find the option that best suits your needs and your comfort. There is some trial and error involved, so you might be best off grabbing multiple pairs and trying them on in your fittings.

Shapewear Category:

  • Skims – Crowd Fave
    • These lightweight and comfortable shapewear layers are the clear winner amongst the survey. However, some of our brides have tried them with high hopes only to be disappointed. Skims are great if you just need a little smoothing, but if you want to really feel sucked in, head to the next two options.
    • Additionally, with any shapewear you choose, be mindful of the underwear line or shorts line across your thighs if you’re wearing a tight fitted dress.
  • Spanx – Second in Line
    • They’ve been around forever! The OG some might say! You can’t go wrong here , and they have many different options for brides. Most of our brides use the “OnCore High Waisted Mid-Thigh” or the “Power Capri”.” Especially my crepe dress girlies.
  • Honeylove – Humbly in Third
    • A lot of ladies love Honeylove because they are pretty comfy and have additional boning in the sides that help prevent any bulging. They don’t have as many options in terms of silhouettes as Spanx, but they do provide a really beautiful hourglass figure.

Best Seamless Undies:

Sticky Things for Breasts:

Make sure you read through the instructions on application and removal because it’s NOT just like ripping a band-aid off! Be sure to follow any instructions that come with your specific product. Expect to practice a few times at least. And when you practice, actually wear them and test them out.

Apply boob tape to clean, dry skin. Moisturizers or oils sitting on your skin will impact the adhesion. Before you apply your tape strips, always protect your nipples with either nipple covers or a cotton gauze pad (trust us). You can crisscross, pull taut over your shoulders, or layer horizontally for strapless support.

When it’s time to remove the tape, be extra careful that you’re not ripping away layers and taking your skin along with them. Some brands make products specifically designed to help with removal, but you can also use an oil-based product to work into the tape, or take a warm shower to help loosen the adhesive. Start from the corner, and slowly peel off your tape one strip at a time. Once you’ve cleaned off any excess adhesive, it’s a good idea to hydrate your skin to calm any irritation or damage that may have occurred.

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