The flexibility to make my wedding vision into a reality was what sealed the deal for me. Also, Ali really listened to what I was asking for and did not just push her vision. She gave the perfect mix of professional and creative input throughout the process to make sure the end products were beyond fabulous! Its hard to narrow it down to one thing. I loved that Ali was very patient with me and let ideas evolve throughout the process, from looking at pictures on Pinterest, to making sketches and refining the sketches, to assisting with color/fabric selection, to being extremely flexible on weekends to accommodate meetings/fittings. I liked that she was always honest and provided good feedback when needed. She also takes great pride in her work, which is essential when working on custom items. I would hate for someone to just “do as they are asked” and not have any sense of pride in the piece they are making. I was also very grateful for her recommendations on local businesses to get custom hairpieces and flowers. This really was a dream come true and I am so happy Buffalo can showcase such talent. She really made the vision become a reality and that is not an easy thing to do. I also love that she is such a great role model for entrepreneurs and is very active in bringing out the best in Buffalo.