Patti’s custom anatomy wedding gown

Looking back it dawned on us that we have been keeping some of our favorite pieces a secret! Here is one of our shinning custom wedding gowns from last summer!

anatomy_pgreen_wedding_gown_buffalo_ny_6 anatomy_pgreen_wedding_gown_buffalo_ny_5


We combined a natural, crochet 3-dimensional lace with satin, netting and rhinestones to create an ethereal, princess styled gown. The combination of textures and colors made for a very dynamic and beautiful piece.


Everything about this dress was hand done, including the lace and embellishment placing.anatomy_pgreen_wedding_gown_buffalo_ny_2anatomy_pgreen_wedding_gown_buffalo_ny_9 anatomy_pgreen_wedding_gown_buffalo_ny_3 anatomy_pgreen_wedding_gown_buffalo_ny_13

Even the lace-up back for the boned bodice had to be created by hand to match the aesthetic of the gown.anatomy_pgreen_wedding_gown_buffalo_ny_ anatomy_pgreen_wedding_gown_buffalo_ny_1

We were lucky enough to be able to help Patti on her wedding day! She married her “prince” in a gown worthy of the occasion!