One Year Down

I’ll try not to get emotional…. but we’ll see how far I get! I know everyone says they can’t believe how much time flies, but I can. For sure.
When I think back to all of the things that have happened in this past year, professionally and personally, I feel like it’s enough to fill a life time. I’m constantly blown away by the support and love I feel by all of the people I have been lucky enough to have met. anatomy would still be just a concept with out the help of my friends and family, and some key players 😉 I would love to acknowledge all of you individually… but it might take me all day. So please know who you are and that I cherish you from the bottom of my heart.
I’d like to re-visit some of my favorite and most pivotal moments from the past year here at anatomy. I hope you enjoy this trip down anatomy lane 🙂


The tears are welling up already!

anatomy opening 009_0

Old pals Katie, Joe and Brandon from Erie Lackawana Railroad came to entertain 🙂


First production trip with assistant, Jeff 🙂 In the October snow storm… yep. That little man dug us out of a snow bank.

_DSC5547_1 Ruffle Coat in Rotating Door_0

anatomy’s first look book shot by mother daughter team, Katie and Sarah Schneider 🙂

White Top Pink skirt standing 150_0IMG_4548_0

Nathan Benson! anatomy spring 11 and fall/winter 11/12 (coming this week!!)



Shop helper 🙂 Or napper.


Back stage at Mass Appeal!



Made-to-Measure Fundraiser Trunk Show at Merge




may 21 thru 24 010_0

I’m so excited about the years to come. I’m looking forward to creating more amazing, beautiful garments for the women in Buffalo!