Mattie’s Sexy Custom Fitted Wedding Dress

Made by Anatomy custom fitted wedding gown for Mattie.

Mattie’s sexy custom fitted wedding dress was so enjoyable to make. Where do we even begin to describe this woman! It’s become common for us to develop a bond with our clients. Some invite us to their weddings, others to the reception to have fun and dance with them, we’ve even been invited to baby showers!

Sometimes we develop very close relationships with our clients and we can now call them friends. Mattie is one of those clients. A previous client who also had a custom dress made referred her. Mattie attended that client’s wedding and loved the dress, and found out we made it!

At the time, she was living in North Carolina and had plans to move to Tampa to start a new practice with her fiancé. Over the next eight months or so, Mattie and her mom, who both traveled from different places, came to Buffalo for the weekend and spent it with us. We met on Fridays for fittings and enjoyed our Buffalo favorite spots. After, we’d even enjoy sightseeing.

It was extremely flattering Mattie thought highly of our work, she was willing to travel multiple times to get to Buffalo for her custom fitted dress. She tried on dresses but couldn’t find her dream dress. She also didn’t have favorable experiences at bridal boutiques, nothing seemed right.

We combined all of her wishes: we created something fitted, flattering and sexy, everything our bride wanted. Mattie envisioned a dress with a lot of skin showing that remained tasteful with feminine details and she got it. This is the type of dress you can live in. Literally. Mattie loved it so much that she slept in it her wedding night.

We wish we could’ve been there to celebrate her big day! It’s situations like these that make us realize the importance of what we do. It also makes us grateful for who we are to the women we work with. We’re so grateful for brides like Mattie.

We’re not just making beautiful dresses, we make dresses that women feel authentic in. What better way to do that than in a dress made for them and they’re personality. We are so happy for Mattie & Flip, and getting to know them during this process was a blessing.

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