For the lonely top layer: the cardigan.

The poor cardigan. Until recently is has been the overlooked and functional aspect of the outfit. Cold…? You just grab the closest chunky second layer to provide warmth without even considering how it coordinates with your perfectly planned outfit.  Well with the help of a little accessory, the cardigan has finally been granted a place in the oh-so coveted “ensemble.”

It seems like everyone now a days is wearing a belted cardi. <looks down> Yeah… like I said…everyone.


Look at Michelle Obama!! Totally raising the bar for power mom’s across the globe.


Side note: maybe hula-hooping is a secret for keeping her waist so little!? I’ve got to pull mine out of the dark ages.

Another side note: The hula-hoop was voted the best toy in history by viewers on VH1’s “I love Toys.”

Here at anatomy we have the cutest vintage belts to hug your cardigan tight provided by Sweet N’ Dirty vintage via the fabulous Buffalo fashionista Erin Habes!

belts L1010959

All are genuine leather and have the most unique closures, like a Roman head coin and a clock face!

Keep one for yourself or give it to a lonely cardi in need of a good squeeze.