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Laura came to us with a very creative concept for her wedding dress. Being an artist, she has a very decided sense of self and knew exactly what she wanted! We worked together on her dress; I pulled together her ideas to design her dream dress and execute the construction, and she hand dyed all of the fabric. All… 21…. colors of it.
Laura’s love for retro silhouettes led us to the boned bodice styling, and the skirt was inspired by McQueen’s famed “Rainbow Shipwreck Dress.”

anatomy-laura-minor-19 anatomy-laura-minor-18

The skirt is comprised of 1 1/2″ bias strips of chiffon, that were hand basted in pairs on each side of the circle skirt pattern, then machine stitched to secure. Laura dyed them in order of how she wanted the ombre to be. She also dyed the bodice fabric, silk duchess satin AND the beautiful silk ribbon used for the lace up!

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There is the beautiful progression of strips. After spending over 150 hours on a piece, needless to say seeing the finished product was a little emotional. It’s not everyday you actually get to make a truly couture piece for a truly unique lady!

laura minor lydia maybee anatomy wedding gown_0

{lydia maybee}
Congrats Laura and Dave!

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