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Heidi’s Custom Print Artist Collab Wedding Dress

The Buffalo bride and groom dance in their tent showing off the custom print wedding dress for the bride's something blue.
Made by Anatomy custom print wedding dress for Heidi.

A bride with a vision

Oh boy, I was excited to meet with Heidi. This girl knew exactly what she wanted, a custom print wedding dress. She just couldn’t find anyone to make the vision come to life. Heidi wanted to include a special something blue on the lining of her wedding dress, so it was a fun challenge to find a solution for what she envisioned.

In the past, I’ve collaborated with artists. However, a hand-painted motive all around the hem of a full circle skirt is a bit costly. I found a print that was the flower the bride was looking for by an artist on Spoonflower. I reached out to the artist and explained to her what I was looking for, and she was more than excited to work on this project with us.

Making the vision come to life

Based on the measurements of the skirt pattern she created, she scaled her artwork to be able to fit the skirt. But we wanted to include a border all around the hem of the dress to really make that artwork stand out. As a result, the artist designed a border to match and laid it out on the fabric exactly how we needed it, which was on the bias to cut it out and use it as a trim as a panty essentially all around the inside of the skirt.

Due to the curved shape of the hem and a flair to circle skirt like this, it’s essential to use the fabric and/or trim more trim left on the bias so that it lays flat and follows the curve. It would’ve been too complicated to try to engineer each pattern piece of the skirt perfectly. This way, it was a little easier for the artist to engineer the artwork for us.

The overall style of the dress was quite minimalistic. It was sleeveless with a deep V cut, full circle skirt, matching waist belt and shoes to match! This custom print wedding dress was a dream to collab on! Heidi was a super fun bride to work with because she already had this incredible vision in her mind and the artist and I helped bring it to life.

This wedding dress is a perfect example of what happens when creative people come together. At anatomy, we can interpret our client’s desires and execute them flawlessly.

The afterlife of the dress

Nickel City Studios did an amazing job capturing the character and personality of this dress. I am absolutely in love with the wedding photos at the Buffalo Club.

While I wasn’t able to go to the wedding itself, I brought the dress to her and prepped & steamed it, so I got to wish her well that day. All of our custom wedding dresses come with delivery and prep if the client requests it.

After the wedding, Heidi stopped by with her beautiful baby and requested that I reconstruct the dress into a skirt. Obviously, I did! She can now wear it whenever she wants, and that’s how you get some more life out of your wedding dress investment!

Photos courtesy of Nickel City Studios

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