For the Hoarder

I know hoarding is unhealthy. But on a small scale, I think it’s acceptable. Take, for example, the difference between a ketchup packet hoarder and a book hoarder. It’s equivilent to the difference between total weirdo and professor of British literature. So maybe keeping things isn’t all that crazy. As long as the things you keep are socially acceptable and not covered in mold.

For the friend who likes to be prepared for anything (or maybe just for the terminally disorganized), this over-sized knit bag is great. There’s room in this thing for pretty much anything. Mary Poppins has nothing on it.

forthehoarder2 .

At first I thought it would be ridiculous to carry something like this around, me being the size of a genuine christmas elf, but I was wrong! It’s a stylish bag that is two parts functionality, one part frivolity. Always a winning combination.


Happy hoarding!