For the closet DJ

I can’t even begin to describe how ecstatic I feel inside when I see people in anatomy. It fills me with so much joy to the point that I feel sort of ridiculous for being so happy. So please – don’t think I’m being phoney I just can’t control myself. But I want you all to know that it’s the best thing to hear from my customers how pretty they feel in my clothing. That is my mission. So first and foremost – you ladies are pretty regardless : ) and it’s really your personality and individuality that make the garment that much more special!

Last night Jessica (old, dearly loved friend) and I hopped across the street to Mode to see an anatomy customer, Keri Callocchia tearin up the turn tables. Keri is a lawyer by day, ridiculous DJ by night!

As I approached the window and looked up I saw her in the high waisted, two tiered flared skirt with the silver stars on it! She told me she’d be rocking it – but I was yet again… uncontrollable. I just about died.  So for all of you closet DJ, party animals – this December 4th is for you.

keri callocchia

Rock out ladies,