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For Modern Professional

Ladies, I’ve got to hand it to you. When you raided the modern American workplace back in the ’80s, you did it with a certain…swagger. Nothing says, “We can do stuff, too!” like linebacker shoulders and a color-coordinated suede hat/pump/handbag/gloves combo. I say “you” because I was still rocking stirrups and scrunchies back then. I had nothing to do with your shoulder pads.

fortheprof1 (2)

Yes, Meg Ryan circa “When Harry Met Sally,” I’m talking to you.


Since those questionable days of feminism, when professional women attempted to assert their gender by kind of pretending they weren’t women at all, the power suit has evolved. I think we’re in the golden age of professional fashion, actually. It’s pretty safe to embrace your femininity and develop a uniquely personal sense of style without losing respect in the workplace. So basically now’s the time to buy this gorgeous blouse:

101 Detail bow

I mean, come on! Show up to the office in this, and you’re simultaneously hopeless romantic and polished powerhouse. No one will question you. They’ll either be in love with you or disarmed by your impeccable taste. A bow at the collar gives the top some whimsy, and the sheer fabric offers a hint of sex appeal that can be softened with a satin camisole. For a more conservative look, choose the same blouse in this patterned fabric. Or, just buy both! Problem solved.

101 green dot

You’ve come a long way baby,


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