Handmade in buffalo, ny

We create veils, capes, toppers, jackets, bows, ties , wraps and more! We can customize each to your own style, and add special touches like embroidery!

Customize your wedding day look with one-of-a-kind accessories and veils!

CUSTOMIZED wedding accessories

Handmade with Love

The original

Remembrance Veil

now shipping across the country

We are the first bridal studio to capture your loved ones' messages in their own handwriting on your veil.
Customizations can be done on a previously purchased veil, or we can supply the item.
We begin by discussing your ideas in a complimentary phone consultation.
Then, we collect any memorable materials to use for the design. We will show you a digital mock up, followed by a to scale mock up.
After about 6 weeks, we'll send your veil to you.
Pricing starts at $300, but reach out for a personalized quote!

commemorate your loved ones

Customize your wedding look

We are a custom design studio, which means we create anything our clients can dream up. Bows, detachable sleeves, gloves, sashes and belts, capes, overskirts - you name it, we can do it!
Pricing is unique to each project, so reach out to get your personalized quote.
See more of our work in our galleries and our blogs, and reach out today to discuss your ideas!

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