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Elizabeth’s Wedding Reconstruction Dress + Custom Skirt + Veil

Elizabeth’s wedding reconstruction dress, custom skirt and veil is an exciting example of all the services we offer brides.

Our bride’s requests were exciting from the beginning; She wanted to incorporate the top portion of her family’s heirloom dress and turn it into a crop top. She also fell in love with a skirt she saw off the rack but wanted to make some changes, as most of our clients often do.

She’s very artistic and experimented with dying silk for ribbons and decorations throughout her wedding. She also incorporated vegetables and other natural elements, adding a special touch to the whole look.

We separated the top of her heirloom dress and used some of the lace from other areas of it to finish off the waistline and create adorably detailed straps.

The look is so uniquely feminine and vintage-inspired, but so different from anything you could ever find off the rack.

We used a combination of tulle and soft netting fabric for the skirt in various shades of blue and light purple.

We also made her custom veil of soft English netting that draped beautifully and looked perfect with her skirt. Thank you so much for allowing us to create your custom wedding skirt & veil and your dress reconstruction, Elizabeth!

All professional photos taken by Jacqueline Connor Photography. Interested in having your own heirloom gown redesigned or having a dress custom made? Reach out to us today!

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