Caitlin’s Vintage Lace Wedding Gown Reconstruction

Caitlin’s vintage lace wedding gown reconstruction was one of our favorites! Caitlin’s grandmother was a very special person to her. She lived with Caitlin for most of her life. It became especially more important for Caitlin to wear her grandmothers’ dress after she unfortunately passed on.

This reconstruction was so special for so many reasons. It was a true transformation to flatter and suit Caitlin, while still holding true to the original version of the dress. We kept the sweet scalloping all around the neckline, but removed the netting and lowered the back. We used the lace from the sleeves to add a thin trim around the shoulders for an off-the-shoulder look. The rest of the skirt just needed lots of repairing to keep the lace together, as well as a new bustle. See more of her vintage lace wedding gown reconstruction on her blog post! And you can read more about how we can create your own reconstruction here!