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charming adornments

I found the perfect charm for myself once at an antique store along the 90. I’m sure some of you know the scissors charm necklace that I wear every day!!  My search for the perfect “me” charm began when I saw a peanut charm at a boutique in Columbus, OH when I was working for Abercrombie. I LOVED it, but it just wasn’t right for me, y’know?


I just seriously love the idea of having one perfect charm to describe yourself.  At least one perfect charm per day : ) There’s just too many cute ones to chose from!!!

Feeling handy?  There’s a wrench for that. A serious musician? Chose a guitar, a sax or the turn tables! You can always send your secret admired one an evelope charm necklace with a super secret message inside!!


Ta-ta for now! Ali

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