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Artist Matthew Crane’s debut collection “Buffalo: People Together”

Matthew Crane is a local artist in all ways of the word. He is a musician, painter and humanitarian. Last year he left AmeriCorps to pursue a full time career in music playing bass for The Albrights, and still finds time to create exciting and enticing paintings. I was overjoyed when he approached me with the idea of using the space as a gallery. It’s another way that anatomy can reach into the community and pull out it’s talent to showcase.

“Born into a generation that had never known a prosperous Buffalo, this series is a testimonial to the vibrant youth of our great city and their aim on taking it back. Rather than seeing Buffalo as a decaying relic of the Industrial Revolution, I chose to see our city for who it is, not what it looks like. A stark juxtaposition between windmills and grain elevators provide a glimpse into a prosperous past while alluding to an equally exciting future. This series is about the places in Buffalo, New York and the tenacious spirit of it’s inhabitants. While none of the paintings have people directly as the subject matter, each piece is bustling with life. ”

matt crane 2

matt crane 1

Matthew’s paintings will be on display in the store until June 8th and is having a reception for all who would like to view his collection this Thursday at anatomy from 6-8PM.

Here’s to the budding talent of Buffalo 🙂 Ali

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