February 2011

Knitting for Giants... or German design students.

I stumbled upon this while image searching the other day. Absolutely had to share for all of my fellow avid knitters out there!

Two newcomers!

The anatomy team is constantly growing to include various other talented individuals across this great city of ours! Two of our most recent additions are Lorri Carnevale and Amy Hartman!

Lorri is a knitting genius. She creates her own patterns and whips em up! She is known for creating these uniquely shaped felted handbags. She hand knits them and then devotes weeks to shaping and felting the fuzzy little handbags.

Drawers and Knobs

One of the easiest ways to give your room a face lift is to change one piece within your space. Today, chose your dresser. Other than your bed it's likely the largest piece in your room - it should be a statement!!

As pretty effing AHmazing as this is... I can see how it might not work in everyone's room...

Will you be my Valentine???

Remember in first grade how awkwardly exciting (and sometimes terrifying) it was to see how many Strawberry Shortcake and Minnie Mouse Valentines you would get in your cubby?  Ooh the anonymous ones were the worst!! Talk about torturing a girl!

It was real love. Direct, innocent and simple. Why can't everything be solved with an "I'm yours?" these days?  I challenge you to try!  This year I'm going to ask Etsy to be my Valentine...

Feautured anatomist!!! First installation!!!

My favorite part of being a designer is seeing happy, beautiful people wearing my frocks.  So my hope is to feature all of you beauties on our blog!!

Alexis Incorvaia (happens to be a cousin of mine!) brought her anatomy mixed fabric, elasticated waist V back dress to Aruba with her! Ugh, don't we all wish we could have made it into that suitcase?!